Pick up the petals of a rose, add its green leaves, its stem, and don’t forget its buds. Immerse in clear water and wait to reveal its rosy delicateness, fruity accents and acidulated green notes… Eau Rose is composed like an infusion of the finest damascena and centifolia roses.

For this limited edition collection, diptyque collaborated with digital floral artist Bas Meeuws. Together, they reinterpret the iconic floral fragrances of the House in the form of modern still lifes, using hidden details to reveal the story behind each scent.


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Eau Rose as visualised by Bas Meeuws

A white vase stretches out towards the stems of the Centifolia and Damascena roses. Taking centre stage in an arrangement of leaves and a few berries, they converse in a harmonious dialogue of green and pink. A butterfly rests on a petal. At the foot of the white porcelain single-stem vase is a lychee facing a rose, which extends its corolla towards the fruit. A reminder that Eau Rose is a composition of fresh flowers underscored with a fruity note.

Bas Meeuws

Bas Meeuws was born in Heerlen in the Netherlands. He defines himself as a digital floral artist. Styling himself after the great Flemish still life painters, he uses his camera to capture the beauty and grace of flowers, the delicacy of their lines and colours. Then he arranges them into impossible bouquets, liberated from flowering times and seasons, each creation becoming a sublimation of nature.