CREED Erolfa Eau De Parfum


A fragrance as pure and fresh as the ocean, reminiscent of a Creed family sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. A sea with a thousand shades of blue and salty air with light scents of citrus. Erolfa is also a mix of the name of each member of the Creed family: Erwin, the only son of Olivier and his perfumer (ER); Olivia, daughter of Olivier (OL); and Fabienne, mother of Erwin and Olivia (FA). Erolfa, an inspiring perfume designed to make memories clean.

families :

woody citrus

head notes :

bergamot, green notes, lavender, ozone

heart notes :

clary sage, lily of the valley, sage, tangerine

base notes :

ambergris, moss, sandalwood
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