Clayoquot Soud Soap


This musky soap uses all natural ingredients, colorants, and essential oils. Clayoquot Sound smells reminiscent of the forests of British Columbia with notes of cedar, patchouli, and bergamot.

Handmade and cured in our northern Canadian studio located in Yukon Territory.

4 oz bar

This soap is wrapped in a Meghan Hildebrand art print. Check out more of her artwork at


  • aqua (water)
  • sodium cocoate (coconut oil)
  • sodium conolate (canola oil)
  • sodium olivate (olive oil)
  • sodium palmate (certified sustainable palm oil)
  • rubia tinctorium (madder) root powder
  • orange peel
  • cedarwood essential oil
  • bergamot essential oil
  • patchouli essential oil
  • sweet orange essential oil

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