Azulego-Honey and Rosemary Soap


The tile (‘azulejo’ in Portuguese), which gives this soap its name, is one of the most distinctive symbols of Portuguese culture.
Portuguese tiles were initially used in highly chosen wealthy locations, as milestones to commemorate the history and memory of Portuguese most notable figures. Over time, tiles became extremely popular, and they got to be widely used in regular houses. These days, all over the country, they can be seen decorating countless façades. With the Azulejo soap Ach. Brito pays homage to this centuries-old tradition.
With a soft and countrylike fragrance, this soap is produced with a vegetable soap base enriched with olive oil.


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• This soap is eco-friendly, it contains a vegetable soap base, and it is enriched with olive oil.
• Produced in Portugal the traditional way.
• The fragrance combines honey and rosemary with notes of fresh mint and lemon leaves.
• Suitable for all skin types.