Cut & Blow Dry

  • *Children to 13 years24+
  • Monica42
  • Amy64
  • Antonieta57
  • Becky57
  • Caroline60
  • Danielle60
  • Don57
  • Elizabeth60
  • Edward60
  • Girlie57
  • Jane57
  • Jeffrey64
  • Jennefer62
  • Jill48
  • Natasha57
  • Nicole60
  • Raechel62
  • Sylvie60
  • Tammy42
  • Annalisa45
  • Larissa42
  • Ola57
  • Hayden42
  • Anastasia42
  • Heather62

Blow Dry

  • Monica28
  • Amy41
  • Antonieta36
  • Becky36
  • Caroline38
  • Danielle38
  • Don36
  • Edward38
  • Elizabeth38
  • Girlie36
  • Jane36
  • Jeffrey41
  • Jennefer39
  • Natasha36
  • Nicole38
  • Raechel39
  • Sylvie38
  • Tammy28
  • Annalisa30
  • Larissa28
  • Jill32
  • Ola36
  • Hayden28
  • Anastasia28
  • Heather39

Hair Cut

  • *Children to 13 years24+
  • Monica32
  • Amy54
  • Antonieta47
  • Becky47
  • Caroline50
  • Danielle50
  • Don47
  • Edward50
  • Elizabeth50
  • Girlie47
  • Jane47
  • Jeffrey54
  • Jennefer52
  • Natasha47
  • Nicole50
  • Raechel52
  • Sylvie50
  • Tammy32
  • Annalisa35
  • Larissa32
  • Jill38
  • Ola47
  • Hayden32
  • Anastasia32
  • Heather52


  • Updo50+


  • Single Process46+
  • Highlights86+
  • Colour Correction

    Available on request

  • Bleach and Tone60+


  • Permanent Wave100+
  • Relaxing and Smoothing treatments

    Prices available on request


  • Deep Conditioning Treatment10+

Hair Extensions

We offer six different permanent and semi permanent extension methods that can be combined or used individually to create a look personalized to your needs. Clip-in pieces and micro-tips are able to be placed when other methods cannot be used and are suitable for men and women with moderate to severe thinning. For fine, medium and thick hair we have skin wefts, plastic tubes, I-tips, and a one step weft system to create volume, thickness and length. All of our hair is 100% human, cuticly correct and available in different blends of Indian and Asian hair for a perfect match to your natural texture be it straight, wavy or curly. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our certified master extension artists to find out which method is right for you.


Classic Eye Lash Extensions

We use Bella Lash products to give you added fullness, length and shape, while taking care of your natural lashes. Whether you would like them for a special occasion, vacation or just because you’ve always wanted beautiful lashes, eyelash extensions are a great idea! Come in for complimentary consultation and have the lashes of your dreams.


Microblading is a semi-permanent enhancement of the eyebrows. Book with Joanna, our certified technician

  • Microblading consultation35
  • Microblading enhancement400+
  • Mandatory touch up (six weeks after initial appointment)50

Facial Care

Yonka’s skin care collection provides a highly personalized and effective range of products and treatments designed to awaken your natural beauty with flawless, timeless and luminous skin.

The GM Collin collection offers high tech skin care solutions using phyto, bio and marine sources for immediate and cummulative results.

  • Yonka Hydralessence Facial108

    Long-lasting deeply hydrating facial

  • Yonka Essential White Facial118

    Unify your complexion and control dark spots

  • Yonka Essential White Express55

    Express version of our popular Essential White Facial

  • Yonka Alpha Vital Facial108

    Resurfacing with organic acids

  • Yonka Facial, Neck & Decollete Treatment121
  • Yonka Optimizer Facial118

    Yonka’s lifting and firming treatment

  • Yonka Personalized Facial93
  • Yonka Stimulastine108

    Smoothing/restructuring anti-wrinkle facial

  • Yonka Eye Opener Treatment and Facial108
  • GM Collin – Express peel45

    Have your skin concerns addressed with GM Collin professional chemical peels

  • GM Collin – Sea C Spa120

    A powerful antioxidant and anti-aging treatment to regenerate and protect.

  • GM Collin – Botinol130

    A clinically proven procedure using peptides for a Botox-like effect without injections.

  • GM Collin – Collagen 90-11160

    An intense anti-aging treatment to hydrate, rejuvenate and subdue the visible signs of aging.

  • GM Collin – Oxygenating treatment113

    An oxygenating and detoxifying treatment for problem skin.


FACE Stockholm is the only Swedish cosmetics company to give you makeup and skin care that is true to the Swedish beauty ideal—natural, trend-forward, simple, clean, gorgeous and fun!

FACE Stockholm offers a spectacular range of colors and uses only the highest quality and most natural ingredients. With lip shades, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, powders, professional makeup tools, and a natural skin care line, they are eco-conscious, using minimal and recycled packaging and never testing on animals.

  • Brow Tint15
  • Lash Tint20
  • Makeup Application50
  • Makeup Lesson70

Hands and Feet

  • Geleration39

    The sophisticated soak-off manicure that lasts up to three weeks

  • Manicure28

    A classic manicure using FACE Stockholm products

  • Pedicure49

    A classic pedicure using FACE Stockholm products

  • Toecure33
  • Polish Change18
  • Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails70

    Overlays: 50
    Fills: 45

  • Yonka Spa Manicure40

    Classic manicure with hydrating gommage, marine mineral salt scrub and hand wrap infused with essential oils.

  • Yonka Spa Pedicure60

    Classic pedicure with hydrating gommage, marine mineral salt scrub infused with essential oils.

Hair Removal

  • Electrolysis50/hour
  • Half Leg30-35
  • Full Leg55
  • Arms30+
  • Bikini Line23+
  • Underarms17
  • Brows18
  • Lip12
  • Back35+